Nitish Patkar


Name: Nitish Patkar

Studiengang: Masters Informatik

Bei Lichtblick seit: September 2014

Verantwortlich für:
As of now, mostly providing input and helping out with little things.

Warum ich bei Lichtblick bin:
At Lichtblick, in addition to just loving cinema, I am learning its technical and theoretical aspects. Most importantly, it’s all happening in an informal way. Everyday discussions on various topics keep creative and critical cells in my brain healthy and alive!

Was mich an Kino und Filmen interessiert:
I believe that good cinema can change your thoughts and views just like a good book. It gives you characters and stories that make you cherish your own life. Moreover, it has a potential of changing people and bringing them together under one big roof.

Wenn mein Leben ein Film wäre, hätte er folgenden Titel:
Unto This Last

Schöne Dinge, die nichts mit Filmen zu tun haben:
Pulp fiction magazines, Cappuccino in a lousy cafe, big lousy talks on politics and policies.

Bevorzugte Filmgenres:
Mostly everything except action and sci-fi.

Breathless, Before Sunrise, Gandhi
(only on the basis that I can literally watch them anytime).

Jean-Luc Godard, Charlie Chaplin, Satyajit Ray, Majid majidi, Emir Kusturica